Right back at it! 

When you live a few hours from your regatta venue, sometimes you just have to rent a hotel room and crash, because that 6:30am rigging call is easier when it’s closer. Draw back is, many of the creature comforts that you would lug with you to the regatta have to be left behind for a […]

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Seguin teen takes to the water for love of rowing by Felicia Frazar

This is an article about Leila that was written in our local home paper, the Seguin Gazette by Felicia Frazar Gazette reporter.  Printed August 8th, 2016. See the original article at http://seguingazette.com/news/article_8d0c057e-5dca-11e6-a746-e32e7a7dc68c.html Leila Seguin’s 13-year-old Leila (center), pictured here practicing on Lady Bird Lake, began rowing after watching a video of the U.S. Olympic Women’s […]

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Back to Work!

So the school year has started, which means practices for competitive rowing have started.  Leila was so scared going into the year.  Being in middle school with a group in high school (many of whom, will be graduating this year), has left her feeling less confident in her skills for the Varsity team; the teenage uncertainties […]

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Rowing Camp…A Necessity

There are girls camps and boys camps and day camps, but there is nothing like a rowing camp.  The days are long, and the conditioning is crucial, but the summer camps for rowing keep rowers in shape for the upcoming year. Leila went to the Navy Rowing Camp summer of 2015, and as one of […]

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Let’s go to the Movies!

It is very exciting to learn today, that the NYT bestselling book, The Boys in the Boat, has finally been casted! I have been waiting (along with so many other rowing enthusiasts) for this movie! The story of 9 University of Washington rowers who, through struggle and perseverance, make it to the 1936 Olympics. The […]

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